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Abayomi(Complete story)

EPISODE 1 Boom! He shot the gun at me. I didn’t think i lasted a second before I passed out (not dead o). Woke up to find myself in the hospital with a bandage in my arm. Me: What happened? Doctor : Calm down, everything is fine Me: What am I doing here? Doctor : You were shot at your arm and I found you lying down at the roadside. So i decided to bring you here to treat you. My oath compels me. I began to remember what happened, it was a scary experience. Oh! By the way, my name is Ayobami Olumona popularly known as AY (you all know). I am a Kogite. Lived my years in AK city, tall aspiring. Yeah! To clear doubts, I’m a guy. Girls! you fit holla me on Whatsapp at 08180**25*0…See una all *lol*. Well, I’m a well-to-do guy in the university, 400L. My course is Computer Science. Make I carry una back in time say 4.5 years (4 and a half years) *Piiiiiiiimmmmm Pimmmm piiimmm*…D--n! Papa don come. “Welcome sir”, I greeted. Dad : How are you? Me : Cool Dad : Alright


Episode 1 My phone kept ringing but I didn’t pick it up. I knew it was Shade wanting to ask for forgiveness. It wasn’t that I blamed her for finally having the guts to cheat on me, I just felt betrayed. she should have chosen someone further than our circle. indeed I had been caught countless times by her, but most of the girls where faceless. she didn’t and wouldn’t ever meet them for the rest of her life…except she wanted to. When she had insisted I visit her at her apartment in Bodija, I had mixed feelings about it. I expected to get laid, but the s*x wasn’t as good as before. the terrific behind wasn’t as captivating as it was when I had her from the back those many times in my one bedroom apartment. She still had the looks of a model, but show me a very beautiful girl and I will show you a guy that is tired of straffing her. I had entered her rather opulent house to see her looking depressed. Her enviable cheekbones had lost some of its sharpness. “what is