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My WhatsApp Episodes Season 2(complete episodes)

To read more stories Daily episodes join our  WhatsApp group, or you can request for our premium stories group by messaging the group admin. Episode 1 Yes shade left for her home, but not after getting to know each other more, we even nearly kissed but the return of her sister brought us back, Ok let me go back to were season 1 ended. Me: Oh really what did she tell you about me? Shade: Everything about you. Me: Ok oo. We became mute to each other for sometime probably waiting for the return of her sister miss ade. Me: Shade right? Shade: Yea.. Me: Can I ask you a question? Shade: Yes ofcus. Me: Please don’t be offended, how did you get all this beauty? Shade: How? Me: You are too beautiful, that I was so intimidated by that to look at you very well. She blushed and smiled before replying me. Shade: Am I really that beautiful? Me: You look simply like a goddess. shade: you are making me blush tony, please am not a goddess ooo. But you are not b