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Rape: Nigerian rapper jail in Uk for alleged rape case

  One Olawale Hassan, aka Goldie 1, a UK base and a rapper has been sentenced to 10years in prison for allegedly raping a woman in the UK. Following BBC report, the 33yreas old rapper attacked the victim in Southend in 2017 after he claimed he was a music producer, officers in charged said. During his trial, he has denied all three counts of rape and an assault penetration charges against him. From the Essex police report he was described as a "manipulative and calculated." Further report has the story that Hassan had targeted the victim while she was out with a friend sometimes in February 2017. She has refused his request to get her number and to also accompanied him to his hotel before before he promised to get her home safely after her friend has left them. However, he parked his car on the seafront and locked it's door after to tried to flee then attacked her.  (BBC News)