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Prayer for today 17th of September, "God's Favour" by Apostle Chris Omashola

 Before stepping out today, our father in the Lord has dropped a prayer that is meant to guide and bless you this morning and for the rest of the day. Apostle Chris Omashola had declared using his social media handle to pray for everyone of his followers and readers out there. He had pronounced the favour of God on you today and also for the rest of the week. Apostle Chris Omashola, a socio-political Evangelist, philanthropist and the founder of Zionwealth church that is located in Lekki. He is also well known be speak his mind on state matters and to stand against any of Nigeria politicians that is obviously doing the wrong this against the people and the country as a whole. Read his prayer for today below.

Say this prayer before 12am and watch how the rest of the week end

 If you don't know, now I am telling that it is important that some prayers be said before 12am. This prayer was dropped by your one and only Apostle Chris Omashola some couple hours ago that it is very necessary that we all say this prayer before the end of today so as to have a very prosperous week. A socio-political Evangelist, A business man, philanthropist etc. Omashola has done so much for people that his name as now become a household name both in Lekki and on social media. This is also a man that is not afraid to speak out his mind when it comes to Nigeria politics. In fact he has called out many politicians and also he didn't failed to call out some of our celebrities that are misleading our generation. See his prayer for today below:

A powerful prayer from Apostle Chris Omashola that will cause you to testify this Saturday morning (prayer)

  If you have been following every of our posts on daily prayer from God own man of God. You should but noticed that his prayers are all about blessings, freeing people from bondages and motivational messages. At a time like this that everyone is looking up to God for a change and turn around in their lives, work, businesses and family. Apostle Chris Omashola, knows what critical times that we are into and had been coming up with some powerful prayers that will not only help bless you, but will also elevated you during your down moment. God had been using this great man of God to bless people for prayer wise, monetary wise and also words of encouragement. Lets continue to read and pray as these rest of the month is very critical and the Bible also admonished us to always watch and pray.