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#EndSwat: Toyin Ibrahim Replaced Lady's Smashed Phone While Filming Protesters

  A lady has just come on social media to show her gratitude to Toyin Ibrahim for replacing her broken phone after a police officer broke it just because she was filming protesters. A Nigeria celebrity and an actress, Toyin Ibrahim, had just make a female Nigerian happy by replacing her broken phone that was smashed by the police while filming protesters. See her tweet below; , they smashed my phone because I was making a video of the protest.. but guess what , mama @toyin_abraham1 just replaced it for me . Good bless you.. ❤️🥺🥺, you guys ,help me thank her. #EndSARS #EndSWAT — #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND . 🦁🌺(Ònye Isuikwuato) (@Thickerbody_08) October 14, 2020

Photos: A Female Protester Shares Photos How She Was Brutalized By The Police

  A female protester has share a photos of how she was manhandled and brutalized by the police. This shows how low mannered Nigeria police are and how the give no respect and regard to lives and human sympathy. A peaceful protesters were earlier yesterday going about their peaceful protest when some group of policeman armed to the teath as if they had come for criminals started dispersing protesters, while some were caught and manhandled as if they were criminals, a lady who happoto be among the victims of police brutality shares how she was badly brutalized by the police during a peaceful protest. See photos below: What was my crime again? I was protesting against police brutality and I got brutalised for it . #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria — #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTEND . 🦁🌺(Ònye Isuikwuato) (@Thickerbody_08) October 14, 2020

#EndSwat: Man Bought Drinks For Protesters At Berger, Abuja To Show Support To The Movement

  In a short video that is making rounds on social media, shows a man buying drinks for protesters in Berger, Abuja. A very heart kind man had show his true patriotism to what the Nigeria youths are crying for by offering to buy free drinks for the youths on the protest ground earlier today in Abuja. This is someone's parent who chose to help humanity lives rather than end it for selfish reasons. Nigeria's youths lives matter. If only our government has a parent can think of this they will listen and do what is right to make Nigeria a great country. Watch the video how a man bought drinks in Abuja: This man bought drinks for everyone at the protest ground in Berger Abuja today. If this is your Dad... May you never suffer #AbujaProtests #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality — Okhihie Kate (@Angelioc) October 14, 2020

"We are Unstoppable!" - Nigeria youths tells Government after sending thugs to disrupt protest in Lagos

  Some group of thugs has attacked protesters who are peacefully carry out their peaceful protest against a government that decided to use forces on her people to rather than listen to their voices. It was earlier reported that some group of thugs had attacked a peaceful protest that is going on in Lagos, Alausa to be precise, also there is another report that some thug has also attacked protesters in Abuja too. The assumption of the attacked was the government are doing everything in her power to intimidate the people from protesting. The youths also have this to say to the government and their evil plans to intimidate them. "We are Unstoppable!!!" See faces of some of the thugs captured in Lagos, Alausa today: GUYS!!! THEY SENT THUGS TO COME AND ATTACK US AT ALAUSA. WE HAVE CAPTURES AND CONTAINED ALL THE HOODLUMS. WE DEY PARA 💪✊ PASS IT ROUND #SARSMUSTEND #EndSWAT — Idris (@Crhedrys) October 14, 2020

#EndSwat: Be RESILIENT and RELENTLESS - Omashola

  This is the time that Nigeria Youths have decided to take back what's rightfully their and no letting to back them down. They have endured for long enough and with everything and also with God's help it will be achieved. Every encouraging words coming from every sides to make this mission a success. Apostle Chris Omashola drops encouraging words to further support great Nigeria without anymore blood shed. "Be RESILIENT and RELENTLESS. Be ready to go any LENT within the confines of legality in achieving your goals...This Week! You Must WINFolded hands #EndASUUStrike #SARSENDED Minister of Police Affairs Lekki Toll Gate #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria Lesbron" Be RESILIENT and RELENTLESS. Be ready to go any LENT within the confines of legality in achieving your goals...This Week! You Must WIN🙏 #EndASUUStrike #SARSENDED Minister of Police Affairs Lekki Toll Gate #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria Lesbron — Apostle Chris Omashola, ACO (@ApostleOmas