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"The Truth About Friends With Benefits Nobody Will Tell You"-

If you are among the people asking the question “what does friends with benefits mean”, you will find this article helpful. Friends with benefits (FWB) is a common type of relationship. It involves two people spending intimate time together without any form of commitment. In other words, it’s a relationship in which two people agree to have sex without commitment. Even though the FWB relationship is fun, it’s not as easy as you think. It’s not always easy to continue this type of relationship without catching feelings. One thing you should know about FWB is that someone will always get hurt. Sadly, only one party may see the relationship as a mere friend with benefits. And the other party may be hoping for something more, and that’s where the heartbreak comes in. It’s natural; someone is always going to get hurt in an FWB relationship. Challenges With Friends With Benefits Relationships  FWB relationships come with their complications. It always starts on a good note,

Church staff blackmailing female members with their nudes arrested

Victor Duru, a Madonna University dropout has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly luring female members of the church he works in to hotel rooms, taking their nude photos and blackmailing them with it for money.  The 23-year-old suspect who was arrested in Surulere after his church member and girlfriend he repeatedly blackmailed made a complaint at the RRS headquarters, was found to be in possession of nude photos of other ladies.  Duru reportedly obtained the nude photos of his victims with the assistance of a third party at gunpoint and also by lacing their drinks.  Confessing to the crime he said “She was my girlfriend. We are same church member. We have been dating for almost two years. We were having break up issues. . "So, I invited her to an hotel in Ijeshatedo. I excused myself and invited my friend, Frank Obinna, to meet me in the hotel. Obinna and I had this planned together. "The gun was a toy gun. He entered the hotel

I suffered over 3 miscarriages in my 6 years of marriage - Singer, Doyinsola says as she welcomes her first child

Nigerian singer, Doyinsola who just welcomed her first child with her husband Mr Akinola in the United States after 6 years of marriage, has recounted the challenges she faced.  Doyinsola revealed that she suffered miscarriages over three times and had to go in for different tests, surgeries and also took so much drugs. The singer further stated that after they decided to go through an IVF process and even made payment for it, she got pregnant again and nursed it to full term.  She wrote "Meet the Akinola’s. My Beautiful Family of 3. Fun fact: Being married for 6years long before my music career started off professionally. Just didn’t feel the need to play the married woman card. Don’t ask me why, we just wanted to keep it that way ?‍?This young man came along and I can’t but share my joy with you. My Testimony: I love babies so much and people around can attest to that. I wanted to have my own babies like normal couples do. Fortunately for us, without even try