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                                                               AMBASSADORS OF PEACE I there, as you all know I am Prince Timothy; and I love to share most of my experiences, dreams and mostly my belief with people. Due to one reason or the other I decided to change my static of how I get in touch with you with my messages and I have been working hard to educate myself to the level I can be able to share with you in the language everyone would be able to understand and learn from my messages. To achieve my dreams and to help whoever that is out there that is seeking one help or the other, I also need your comments as to be able to know what topic to pick on in my next issue to share with you all. So I am humbly inviting you all; whatever language you may speak, or whoever you are, Liberia, Us, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia etc… We are all one and we need to start to understand that. Many years ago were when the Lord Almighty put a language discord between us after me